Germany will install 44 robotic milking machine for 2500 head of cattle

by:Desing      2021-01-25
According to holstein reporters from foreign media messages, riley wants to zap oster orchid Agrar GmbH in eastern Germany 44 robot milking equipment installation, the robot will start from October to install, is expected in mid - 2015 to complete the installation.
for this batch of robotic milking machine installation ends, the farm will become the world's most robotic milking machine to zap. Robotic milking, will give the zap 2500 head of cattle, providing independent of precise management system.
riley's milking robots make many large ranch in many respects to zap precision management, the cow, but still difficult to achieve in a lot of ordinary ranch, in order to solve this problem based on two factors, the first to have enough labor. Second, to ensure the accurate cow management benefits. Based on these two points, more and more to zap aware of great help to zap milking robot, they also believe that install robotic milking function to ensure the maximization of investment returns.
the holstein reporters from foreign media, decided to install the 44 oster LAN riley robotic milking machine, because riley to provide dairy XL concept and satisfied with the experience of using, this batch of robotic milking machine will be installed in the hall of six new milk.
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