Global racetrack standard configuration

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Made of specially modified impact resistant formula of PVC - Enclosure of the U tube has a very high strength, excellent resistance to uv and anti-aging properties. The fence railings and pillar of the system is flexible, can with little damage to the fence, or the fence rupture campaign to reduce possible damage. Excellent design and excellent customer service makes every Thai fence horse racing and horsemanship leading brand of professional fields. The high performance of PVC - U enclosure facilities does not decay, deformation and brittle or have a crack. Without the fence to keep the color and intensity of regular paint and varnish, built on the day of when is the end of the investment. In Britain, at least 58, including the royal Ascot racecourse, speed racing track used every Thai fence facilities, this figure does not include the ordinary racecourse facilities such as ordinary fence hurdles. And around the world, from North America to Asia, almost all the major racetrack USES every fence system. In China, the famous Hong Kong jockey club used a mundane enclosure facilities. The latest example is a rider who is in the enclosure, the enclosure is provided by all Thai. In training base in zhejiang province, although after 10 years in the baptism of the rain and snow, every fence still showed signs of aging embrittlement. In addition, in the world there are hundreds of thousands of other equestrian site use the fence every Thai performance excellence.
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