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by:Desing      2020-02-16
Grassland procurement cattle net deer net - cattle sheep pen grazing exclusive fence net, the old cattle net is small iron plate type is now three twist type and buckle type of use, not easy to loose can be resilient, hole spacing will not increase because of the collision of animals, strong stability, the cattle net deer net sales. Cattle net, deer net, the product anti-corrosion performance is good, strong anti-corrosion anti-oxidation and other characteristics, with the general steel wire net do not have the advantages. Grassland Seine has overcome the disadvantage of easy welding off of welding points of electric welding network, and will never loose in one installation. It is a zui good facility to protect grassland, pasture, forest farm, highway and ecological environment. Deer net Deer net is a buckle type of net, generally using hot dip galvanized wire to lock the horizontal wire and vertical wire, buckle type strong and durable. 8 hanging meshwork holes shall be set for the mesh fence, and the spacing from the top to the bottom shall be 20cm, 22cm, 22cm, 18cm, 18cm, 15cm, 15cm, and 15cm, respectively. The material specification of the reinforcing column shall be :7cm脳7cm脳7mm脳220cm hot-tie equal-angle iron, and the hanging meshwork holes shall be the same as above. Weft wire spacing: 7.5cm, 15cm, 30cm; 2. Interfilament spacing: any specification no less than 5.0cm; 3. Net height: no higher than 2.0 meters of any specification; 4. Net length: 50m, 100m. Fences are mainly used for: In the construction of grassland in pastoral areas, grassland can be built around and grazing can be carried out at fixed points and in columns. To facilitate the planned use of grassland resources, effectively improve the utilization rate of grassland and grazing efficiency, prevent grassland degradation, and protect the natural environment. At the same time, it is also applicable to set up family farms with farmers and animal husbandry professionals to set up frontier defense, farmland boundary fence, forest nursery, mountain closure for forestry, tourism and hunting area enclosure, construction site isolation maintenance, etc.
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