Grilled steak a fluorine rubber sealing at low temperature

by:Desing      2020-04-13
Mr Tai insulation rubber kraal mat found, because the fluorine polymer, fluorocarbon health strong, fluorine rubber with high stability. The vast majority of fluoropolymer can be used at above 200 ℃. Grilled steak a fluorine rubber sealing at low temperature. On the surface, the fluorine rubber About 20 ℃ lose high elasticity of rubber, the use of it under the dynamic temperature limit for - 29 ℃, in - About 32 ℃ becomes hard and brittle. This, only from polymer chemistry concept to understand it: after the hydrogen atoms are replaced by fluorine carbon bonds compounds, carbon - The rotation of the carbon bonds increased barrier, cause corresponding changes in molecular bonds, more rigid than the original. As a result, its resistance to low temperature performance also decreased accordingly. Is the glass transition temperature and brittleness temperature rubber rubber plug resistance of two concepts. The brief introduction of the specific conditions of the fluorine rubber. ( 1) D type glass transition temperature of fluorine rubber, is refers to the fluorine rubber from the glassy state to the high elastic state transition temperature. When the temperature below the glass transition temperature of fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber can't present high elasticity, and show the hard glass. VitonA( Equivalent to domestic fluorine rubber - 26 41) The glass transition temperature was minus VitonB(℃20, Equivalent to domestic fluorine rubber, 246) Is 0 ℃. 2) D type fluorine rubber brittleness temperature is refers to under certain conditions, when the sample under the low temperature impact damage of the highest temperature. It is one of the characteristics of rubber temperature, but does not represent a lower limit working temperature of rubber and its products. Brittle temperature, can be used to compare different rubber material or the merits of the different formula of the low temperature performance. Domestic fluorine rubber - 26 Brittleness temperature for - 41 About 32 ℃ ( This data is the data in the specimen in 2 mm thick) 。 Rubber the brittleness of the relationship between temperature and the thickness of the sample is very big, fluorine rubber sample under different thickness of brittle temperature is different. Surrounded by Mr Tai insulation rubber kraal pad, points out that the fluorine to form a strong protective layer on the outside of the carbon that it was not high temperature, oil and chemicals, and the destruction of the oxygen and attack. Previously published a large number of data are involved, in fact, fluorine rubber of high temperature resistant, oil resistant, resistant to chemical corrosion and oxidation resistance performance, rarely involves the performance characteristics of fluorine rubber at low temperatures. Related: what factors influence the ductility of vulcanized rubber
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