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Guide for horse stable design and construction

Guide for horse stable design and construction


Horse stable

It is safe to say that the difference between good and bad racetrack planning of horse stable is that the latter is the treatment of horse close to evil. There are many necessary conditions in an excellent racetrack design of horse stable, among which ventilation and natural light are the most important, which can affect the health and safety of horse, and sufficient attention must be paid in the design process of horse stable.

No one wants to think twice about building a comfortable and safe home for human inhabitants, so why are horse dwellings different?

So, what is good design?

Good design of horse stable is one of the first conditions for your racecourse to achieve economic benefits.

As you read this series, I hope you understand the level of planning and safety required for the safety of horses and riders.

And know how to combine the two to achieve the best goal for horse stable construction.

Through design of horse stable, the pursuit of horse health and safety becomes our life work, and work results can serve for you.

Horse stable

Horse stable construction

The construction, location, orientation and accessories of a horse stable are of great importance to horse.

Many factors for horse stable such as geographical location, terrain and surrounding environment, climate, wind direction, water source, drainage, sewage discharge, epidemic prevention and traffic should be fully considered in the construction of horse stables.

If it is a new barn, use materials suitable for domestic and local construction and try to raise horses in a natural way.

Besides horse stable, we might want to build some storerooms and horse stables.

Horse stables are ideally equipped with hot and cold running water, infra-red drying lamps, and rubber non-slip floors.

If you can continue to expand, you can add a shoe brush, trim horse hair, and brush swab room.

More info about livestock equipment, stay tuned.

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