Hainan rubber receive payment so easy

by:Desing      2020-04-02
Insulating rubber kraal pad - : do you think the rubber is still like before pay cash money? Hainan rubber receive payment so easy. In chengmai county of hainan province zhongxing village instruction in town to buy rubber Li Huanwu, transfers more than 10, ten thousand yuan a day, but he seldom go to a bank to deal with, 'I just at home to spend 1 minute or so to complete transfer business, almost without any restrictions. 'Li Huanwu collection spot is located in the home, about 3 kilometers away from the nearest bank. 'Before running back and forth between Banks and home every day, not only time-consuming, and take so much cash on me nor safe. 'He said. In the first half of this year, hainan province, rural credit cooperatives to collect rubber stand free installation the EPOS machines. Acquisition of rubber, he can use the EPOS machines will glue to rubber farmers account. In chengmai county town of zte benevolence hole wind foot village group, villagers Huang Huan pro picked up a roll from the EPOS machine transfer statement to the press. 'Transfer amount every day for more than 10, ten thousand yuan, thanks to the EPOS machines, namely the brush that is bill. 'Said Huang Huan kiss. ChengMai microfinance of rural credit cooperatives credit manager He Naichang said, now cover ChengMai EPOS machine more than 150 administrative villages. In addition to individual collection service and local farmers, rural credit cooperatives of hainan province last year and the provincial agricultural reclamation group launched the 'card is brushed on the EPOS glue model'. In the first half of the hainan province rural credit cooperatives in the rubber industry chain input terminals of 338 units, 8 total. 2. 5 billion yuan. According to insulation rubber kraal mat, EPOS machines can also agent does not exceed 5000 yuan of deposit and withdrawal of not more than 1000 yuan, and we can pay social security and cost, etc. EPOS machine, the size of the palm of your hand is to change the mode of payment vast rural of hainan province. Related: rubber cold nature, truck into the train
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