Hall of the milking machine

by:Desing      2020-04-09
Common milking machine are portable milking machine milking machine and hall type, milking parlour zap is suitable for large-scale construction, complete automated milking cows can milk hall, today to introduce internationally advanced paratactic type milking parlour. The location of the milking parlour to stay away from residential areas, reduce pollution. Near the ranch convenient construction of form a complete set of milking parlour milk daily homework. Milking equipment in a spacious hall, around is divided into two columns, each column installed milk are 24 sets of units, so called 2 * 24 side-by-side milking parlour, is to be in the side of the milking parlour crowded hall, ready to do the milking cows are, here waiting, temporarily in batches into the milking parlour. This is a high degree of automation of milking equipment, through the computer control room complete detection and control of much of the work. Milking parlour is divided into two function exactly the same region, each region has a milking machine, is the place where the cows stance, milking machine is operating area of the workers. Milking machine frame and all kinds of pipe on one side of the installation of equipment, milking unit equal to 24 group installed on the equipment rack, rack installation have multiple sets of the main channel of coarser, from top to bottom respectively is: two air pipe, vacuum negative pressure pipe and pressure respectively, and the air pipe and the air compressor pump in the pump room are interlinked, milk for power and transmission; Two metal tube, while working, the milk also connect the vacuum negative pressure in the tube, will squeeze the sucking milk, to the milk cans outside; Here is two side by side pipe and air pipe, similar to the upper air tube, normal pressure and vacuum negative pressure pipeline, respectively; This milk is cleaning line pipe, water pipe connected to the tank at the end of the milking parlour; Milk in each group the same unit structure and working principle, can independently milking operation, 24 groups of milking unit parallel operation, implement efficient milking.
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