Horse brake and brake: speed racing inside and outside the bar

by:Desing      2020-03-27
As the start signal sounded, as one of the supporting role on the racecourse, the colts are strive to downstream in the game, run out, try their best to plunder the supreme champion upstream. At the same time, the audience is our breath and look forward to the racetrack strainght heroic and exciting scene, screaming, carnival as the tournament's loud sound. Glory and dream together, speed and passion, in the long river, in the long history of speed racing without number of brave god colts kicked off the heroic stories from the end. The start of a race, the first thing the audience on a row of eyelid is to track the end draw a brake draw a horse. Horse gate holds a vital position in the competition, brake on the edge can also match colts on the field of play to add color. Reality, speed in the early days of the race, the horse gate is not now the view of the masses, usually in brake network across the runway as a colt starting the specification of the line, opened long signal by the brake back, then jockey riding horses began to race. Due to early lock net fair enough, easy to cause the order chaos, there is no guarantee that opened the consistency of time, later adopted the electric brake box. The horse gate, is the indispensable equipment in speed racing, is placed in the circuit terminal, can guarantee the colts fair and effective competition effectively. After being long brake ordered into the brake, the colts box must be in accordance with their respective gate position quickly and reasonable, safe and reasonable into boxes. General speaking, a set of intact usually have 6 - horse gate 14 the horse a structure for the horse. In speed racing, speed is a specification horse crowned alone, often can only 1 seconds and other colts difference, competition success, therefore, time is especially important, it's high consistency requirements for opening time, in order to guarantee the horse gate opened time accurate, horse gate which was born. Although a chema sluice gate only relying on a switch control, but as a result of the horse gate with fluent linkage structure, so can ensure the gate after the start signal back open at the same time, to ensure the accuracy of the competition. Brake, also known as field. Usually at the beginning of the race, two days ago, the layout will be a random lottery to drew a horse gate number, resolution to the colt in the official competition of brake. Based on brake distance can be divided into inner gears, mid-range and outside gear three gear: 1 - 4 called stall, 5 - 8 file called intermediate, 9 files outside is referred to as file. In speed racing brake of different play has a certain impact on the horses, each competition in horses in different gear, walk along a horse will also attack changes accordingly. First of all, the colts in the file after the gates open, due to the extrusion mid-range of horses, causes the file the colts start not easy for a more favorable position, once you start some stupid it is easy to clearance by other colts, if you want to break with clearance is not easy, but on the other hand, located in the file status within the colts compared with outer profile of the colt run demand for shorter intervals, with interval disadvantage in the competition. Second, in the middle of the horse at the gate opened, the more quickly occupy the favorable terrain, competing for the advantage. Initially, although in external gear racing foal interval lengthened compared with other horses competition, but it also makes the outer gear increases when the brake horse extrusion, not easy to fall into infarction, as a result, the colt could even rely on a strong potential to continue to travel. And in some long distance events, the curve will be more and more long. In this way, the file will more quickly for the leading position, has more advantages, on the contrary, external gear horse does not favor the box on this kind of event, will be 'loss'. Needs to know is, however, in practice the race, the colts won cannot be simply attributed to the reason for the lock, need more actual circumstances, seeking truth from facts in combination with the actual situation. Brake different advantages and defects of supplement each other, mutual restrict, make speed racing competition increasingly competitive. Speed racing is a jockey harness racing foal, using the correct technical and tactical rules, with the fastest speed to complete the schedule for the fundamental characteristics of competitive sports, is good horses derived by choose the type of event, therefore, brake not horses performance determinants of carry forward, the stand or fall of results mainly depends on the types of horses, speed, blood, etc. , than the other result influence factors are more important.
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