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Horse shelter management record

Horse shelter management record


Study record of horse stable:

Anne Kursinski: One of the most famous STEEplechers in the United States. A five-time Olympic team member, 47 times member of the United States National Cup, 10 times member of the World Cup finals, 3 times team member of the World Equestrian Team, and the first woman to win the Aachen Event in Germany.

And one of coach George H. Morris's best students.

Maintenance of saddles: Their stewards are very efficient, and all horses are trained to take care of their saddles and put them back in the saddles room as soon as possible.

So the stable and the saddlehouse were always clean and tidy.

After arriving in the United States and training with Coach George Morris for a week and selecting a suitable horse, Coach George put me in the stable of his famous student Anne Kursinski for a month of study, training, and racing.

George told me that Anne was one of the students who understood his system and execution best. He hoped to arrange me to work and study in the stables of the best coaches in the limited time in America, so as to get the most from her.

The first time I saw Anne was on the sidelines, leading a Japanese-American girl to a competition.

She greeted me in a friendly and warm manner. She knew that I was going to work and study in her stable, so she patiently learned about my situation and the equestrian situation in China.

Her affability relieved me of my original nervousness about studying in close proximity with top equestrianism masters.

She also told me that she was very busy, almost every day between her stable and the race.

Her stable is about 1 kilometer away from the main track, and everyone rides directly to the race. Every day, she takes about 10-15 players of different classes, ages, majors and amateurs to participate in the race. She shuttles between 12 fields in the race.

She also told me warmly that I was welcome to join her team.

When I brought Anne to horse stable, it gave me the first impression deepest is their stable management, no exaggeration to say that I've seen her stable is the most clean, the most reasonable management, one of the best, clean all don't like stable, but their work is so easy, that's because their workers sense of responsibility, treat work seriously and rationality.In daily work, the horse workers start work before 5 o 'clock almost every day. If there is a horse to race early in the morning, the earliest race will start at 8 o 'clock, or even get up before 4 o 'clock.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Because their requirement is that before the first horse goes to race, all horse stable work must be done, including feeding the horses, cleaning the stable, cleaning the horses clean and braiding them, which is a lot of work.I also worked with them early in the morning every day. I fed the horses, cleaned the stable, laid the stable, cleaned the overall sanitation and brushed the horses. There was no special arrangement for any of them.The last task is always to clean the stables' walkways and clean the good wooden doors of the stables. Every day, this is also the time when everyone is most concentrated and talkmost, and also the most excited, because the work is over and breakfast is ready.

The overall design of Anne's horse stable is very reasonable. There are Windows on four sides and doors on both sides, which provide good lighting and ventilation.

The tools and facilities such as the saddle box are designed scientifically, all the items are arranged neatly, the corridor is also very spacious.

From 8 o 'clock in the morning, I would spend the day in the competition and training, and never rest at noon. Almost everyone took a sandwich out of their bag for lunch. In the first few days, I often had a meal in the morning and in the evening, because I did not know the situation, did not prepare well and was hungry.

She has a 25 horse stables, five Ma Gong, in addition to the stable work, but also for horses, brush, wash ma, walk a horse, pasture, the horses for the maintenance, a horse, set obstacles, and many other work the racetrack, but every work is very timely, as long as the saddle, water le, shin guards and other utensils are used up, then they will cleaning and maintenance, back, sweat pad with a immediately into the washing machine wash every day, every day with a clean sweat pads.

Because of this management, her horse stable always looks clean and tidy, even though it is very busy.

It's comfortable to look at.

Every afternoon at 5 or 6 o 'clock, the work ends, leaving the night shift staff, everyone drives away, almost always choose to go to bed after dinner, because the next day may have to get up at 4 o 'clock to start work, only on Sunday night, everyone will relax and have a beer, because Monday is a day off.

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