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Horse stable design: both practicality and aesthetics should be taken into consideration

Horse stable design: both practicality and aesthetics should be taken into consideration


Horse stable is one of the most important buildings of horse equipment for horse farm facilities, and the design of horse stable is a professional knowledge. 

A designed horse stable must be beautiful in architecture and practical inside, and at the same time more reflects the consideration of people and horses: convenient for people and comfortable for horses.

There is no formula for the design of a horse stable, and sometimes owner's aesthetics play a decisive role.

According to Desing's years of interviews and visits to domestic and foreign horse stables, there are some principled suggestions, that is: practical first, beautiful second, tailored to local conditions, attention to details.

Practicality is important.

The construction of many domestic horse stables is not practical, such as ventilation, such as the problem of light in horse stables, the safety of doors and windows on horses and people, and whether the setting of washing and painting the horses is convenient.

Why put beauty second for horse stable?

Because many bosses are face-conscious, many horse stables are designed to put more effort into appearance than into details.

In fact, we should first solve the problem of humanization and the comfort of horse, and then consider the aesthetics of building.

Take advantage of existing buildings, terrain, greenery, water and other conditions to make your design work.

Climate varies greatly from north to south, so the location of horse stables should consider orientation, lighting and ventilation.

While you can use the summer wind to cool horse stable, consider avoiding the cold winds of the north in winter.

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