Horse stable design: the need to give consideration

by:Desing      2020-02-15
The livestock stable is one of the most important buildings of the stable facilities, the design of the stable is a professional knowledge, a designed stable must be beautiful buildings, practical inside, at the same time more reflect the consideration of people and horses: people convenient, horse comfortable. There is no fixed form in the design of the stable, and sometimes the aesthetic appreciation of the stable owner plays a decisive role. According to our ten years of interviews and visits to stables at home and abroad, the principle of advice is there, that is: practical, beautiful second, tailored to local conditions, attention to detail. Practicality is important. The construction of many domestic horse stables are very impractical, such as ventilation problems, such as the lighting of the stables, doors and Windows on the horse and human safety issues, and the convenience of washing and painting the horse area. Why put beauty second? Because many owners are face-saving, many stables are designed to look good on the outside, not the details. In fact, the humanization and comfort of the horse should be solved first, and then the aesthetics of the building should be considered. Take advantage of existing conditions such as buildings, topography, greenery and water sources, which can sometimes make your design 'colorful'. The climate in north and south China is very different, so the location of the stable, to consider the orientation, lighting and ventilation. As well as taking advantage of the summer wind to cool the stable, consider avoiding the cold northern winds of winter.
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