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Horse stable management tips

Horse stable management tips


Horse stable

In this article, China livestock equipment manufacturer specialized in horse equipment supply, Qingdao Desing Farming Technology Co.,Ltd. is here to walk you through some down-to-earth gorse stable management industrial knowledge. More info about horse shelter, stay tuned.                                                            

Horse stable is one of the most important buildings of the horse farm facilities, and the design of horse stable is a professional knowledge. A designed horse stable must be beautiful in architecture and practical inside, which also reflects the consideration of people and horses.

Horse stable tips

A horse stable is a place for horses to rest and eat at ordinary times. It is also an important part to reflect the standard and level of horse stable.

There are a lot of things to look out for in horse stable, small but profound.

1. The pillow rail and other bolted areas shall be secured with easily detachable safety buckles;

Areas for washing and brushing should be open space, easy to clean, and horse stable should have good drainage to prevent wet ground or ice in winter.

Forage should be kept away from heat and electrical equipment and, if possible, in buildings without horses. Grass shed steps should have handles, not slippery items, disorderly things.

2.Attic and ladder of horse stable should be fenced around and the ladder should be secured to the wall.

Hay and horse stables should be stacked up and not be easy to fall and fall on people.

Beams and pipes should be no lower than 2.15 m, and steps or uneven surfaces should be marked. 

3.Harnesses of horse rooms should have adequate hooking and storage space to ensure that the harnesses are not placed on the ground or in the way.

The storage area in horse house should be large enough to store tools and items such as shovels, forks, trolleys, etc.

4.Keep a safe distance from horse.Tools and objects for horse house management should be hung up so that people don't step on them and cause unnecessary damage. Hose should be neatly hung in the washing area so that neither man nor horse is entangled by hose.

5.Grain in horse stable should be stored in a mouse-proof, water-proof place that should not be touched by horses. Vents and around fans of horse stable should be kept clean. Fans should always be properly maintained and cleaned for horse stable management.

6. Place garbage in right place of horse house, so that garbage can can be easily thrown away.

Adequate cooling and ventilation systems in horse hourse should be available in summer, and winter heating is necessary for both humans and horses under extremely cold conditions.

7. Horse stables designed from the safety point of view of horses and people have these foundations:

a. horse shelter should have appropriate, high quality light source (natural light source and artificial light source), convenient for everyone to work; Reducing or effectively limiting dust by means of sprinklers;

b. keep horse stable clean, regular and regular maintenance to ensure a safe working environment for employees;

c. clean horse stable regularly and repair horse house if there is any damage.

d. hose barn should be kept clean and tidy, and checked regularly for items that may cause skidding, tripping and falls.

e. fences of horse house should be built around the stables to minimize the risk of the horses escaping to adjacent property or public areas.

f. stables with the above management system can better ensure a safe and healthy environment for their employees and horses.

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