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Horse stable size requirements and daily management

Horse stable size requirements and daily management


In this article, Desing is going to walk you about horse stable size and daily management to bring you up to speed. Hold tight, let's dive in.

The factors that determine the size of horse stable are mainly determined by the length and height of rider. Since rider is in the horse stable for a long time, it is necessary to make the horse comfortable to turn, lie down and stand up in the horse stable. Generally speaking, horse stable length should be 1.5 times of horse. The longer horses are in the stable, the more active horse will have, which means the bigger horse stable needs to be.

If mares and colts live in stables, you can remove  wall or block between the adjacent horse stables.

The standard height of the walls or stalls in the middle of horse stables should be about 2.4 metres and at least 2.2 metres, to prevent horses from kicking their legs over the wall. Many horses can kick up to 2.1 metres.

Door of horse stable is about 1.2 meters wide, which ensures safe passage for horses.

If there is a top in horse stable, the height should be about 3 meters to 3.6 meters. The lower top will not only affect the ventilation, but also easily make horse's head hit the top.

But many of horse stables on the livestock farms are open-plan, with no roof, in which case you just have to be careful not to bump horse's head against the lights or scaffolding.

Inside horse stable, the main thing is to keep the ground clean and dry. If it is too wet, it is easy for bacteria to breed and horses to get sick.

The most suitable temperature in horse stable is 20 degrees, so pay attention to the problem of cold in winter and heat in summer!

Even in winter the lowest temperature, horse stable's temperature should be above 0 degrees as well!

Within horse stable to maintain good ventilation, especially in the summer, as a result of the horse feces, urine, and litter after corruption, it can decompose to produce ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, too much savings poisoning, moreover, bad breath, carbon dioxide will increase and affect health of horse, horse stables inside have good daylighting sex,  conducive to horse stable ground is dry and advantageous to horse calcium metabolism and nervous activity!

Therefore it is a must to clean horse stable daily. More info about horse management, reach Desing horse equipment.

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