Horses right over five points

by:Desing      2020-03-29
The task: (of the horse Actually the key to success in the rider) 1, listen to enter the work form, know the rider's instructions; This must be the rider's work, from the basic training to contest the warm-up, normal training level is reflected in the horse race condition. 2, develop good exercise habits, not afraid of obstacles; Horses are naturally timid, as long as the scientific training can let the horse to listen to, and is not afraid of obstacles. Reluctant to prance actually horses from nature, but it is more afraid on horseback rider, so just have to listen to, first is not afraid of obstacles. The rider's work. 3, calmly find himself five points. Horses discriminant of takeoff position set on the experience and the rider's discriminant toes in. Beat and rhythm of the normal close obstacle, horses are easy to prance. Don't we go to the amount I stepped down the steps and steps, coming naturally. So natural grasp rhythm beats, and waiting for is a good way to deal with five points. So in the end is man's mission. Easier said, it is not easy! Because everything is set up in the barriers riders and horses are based on mutual trust, which is riding the criterion; The horse and the trust between each other is based on common training, basic law, the trust level is high. In battle, battle force strong. In the successful prance ( 《成功SHOWJUMPING》) The English teaching in the belt, the English jockey well said, riders and horses cross obstacle, when said in clap a horse rider inspiration, horses realized the existence of the rider, '). , this is a good rider when prancing horse does not affect the good model! This marked, horse completely trust rider, and all of the attention focused on my cavort measures; While the rider must have purpose, in a rapidly changing horseback commands from a firmly calmly. Because of his incredible talent, ma fully trust my partner. This is the strength of the excellent rider. Due to the good faith between the groups, so will not violate the criterion of riding. Although the rider wanted to impress the competition, but he won't be wrong to push horse, punishment, or even damage the rights and interests of the horse, because he knew more haste, less speed! He will be in accordance with the riding of the criterion, and no more chance to impress the competition finally. And if the rider because my heart a little vanity or utility, blind or not blindly against the criterion of the ride, wrongly urged horses, punishment, and even damage to the rights and interests of the horse, forming forces between get good faith, finally only is failing.
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