Hot oxygen aging of rubber for the influence of rubber products, rubber - Rubber floor - Anti-static rubber sheet - Rubber - cow mattress The cow bed mat

by:Desing      2020-05-04
Rubber and rubber products in storage or in use process, because of the action by heat and oxygen in the air at the same time the aging phenomenon called hot oxygen aging. Hot oxygen aging is a central factor lead to poor product performance. Especially in the service life of rubber sheet, rubber floor will be badly affected. So hot oxygen aging makes all kinds of rubber and its products are happening every moment of aging, is the main cause of damage of rubber. Rubber under 200 ℃ hot oxygen aging, oxygen is a major cause of aging, heat only activated oxidation, and increase the rate of oxidation. But again under the high temperature of 200 ℃ above, only on the function of the heat energy is sufficient to make the rubber macromolecular chain degradation occurs, the higher the temperature, thermal degradation is dominant, thermal degradation is the main reason of the rubber? Whether hot Yang killed thermal degradation is unable to put an end to, but can be managed to delay the onset of them, to make rubber products maximize its use value. Therefore should know rubber oxidation and thermal degradation mechanism and influencing factors. Do big comprehensive on the details, to be able to better allocate the best recipe to satisfy the most demanding customers. Series rubber floor such as floating point type, with excellent wear resistance, high strength and practical favored by the customers.
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