How about Desing sales net?
At Qingdao Desing Farming Technology Co.,Ltd., the sales network has expanded a lot as we develop. Online sales through social media is a very effective way now in the era of globalization and high-speed communication. We have created our account on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, etc. to publish a blog that reports the latest business news, key-takeaways, hot topics, our newly launched products, and so on to pull in new visitors and potential customers. There is no easier way to grow our customer base and expand our sales network. Also, we keep track of channel dealers. Through this, we can clearly see which areas need improvement, which areas could expand, and which areas we might have to abandon. This can give us a more clear understanding of our target markets, which can improve our efficiency and accuracy to expand the sales network there.

Desing has been producing cattle working systems for many years. By developing and producing more new products, we are regarded as one of the most robust manufacturers. The livestock equipment sale series is one of the main products of Desing. Desing livestock equipment sale undergoes electrical safety tests. These tests cover an electrical testing, high current bond test, insulation test, leakage current test, and load test. The product is very easy to clean and maintain. our team has been devoted to the construction of the technological innovation system. The product is widely exported to the African market.

As a product manufacturer, we always look for materials that could be given a second life, continuously upgrade our packaging methods, and reducing resources wastes to improve sustainability.
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