How about the quality management implemented in Desing?
Qingdao Desing Farming Technology Co.,Ltd. has always conducted strict quality management. The quality management includes four main components: quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement, through which the quality assurance can make best head bail of consistent quality. Our quality management is not only aimed at ensuring the high quality of products but also improving service quality to attract attention of more customers.

Desing is a company that is regarded as highly reliable among customers for our high-quality horse fence panel. The cattle equipment series is one of the main products of Desing. Desing horse fence panel is required to undergo a series of tests. The tests include the insulation properties of materials, the integration of the circuit board, the shockproof performance of housing. All welding parts of the product have been polished to protect the animals inside. cow handling equipment has lots of advantages, and thus will have more and more applications in cow equipment field. It can be sprayed with paint to get a more eye-attractive appearance.

We have achieved some progress in our environment protection. We have installed energy-saving illumination bulbs, introduced energy-saving production and working machines to ensure no energy is consumed when they are not in use.
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