How can a racetrack location?

by:Desing      2020-03-31
Equestrian sport, leisure riding also calculate for the industry is currently in the domestic belong to emerging sports, entertainment, belongs to the noble sport, so consumer market is not very big, belongs to the fledgling stage! But with the racecourse guardrail domestic the development of market economy, people's income has been growing step by step, to mental culture and health of body and mind also has to pursue higher racecourse fence, also make the equestrian racetrack fence riding the market has great prospects for development. Today's racecourse fence planning and construction of this aspect of the racetrack, to prepare to enter the industry friends simple introduce, for friends, hope to be able to play a little bit of the racecourse guardrail reference! PVC horse farm fence like small racetrack area is in commonly around ten to twenty acres racetrack guardrail can, according to the actual situation to order! Basic building have the racetrack fence office, dormitory room, lounge, stables, forage, runway, etc. , and then have the saddle, harness, trainer, etc. , of course the most important thing is to have the right to ride a horse! Office is mainly for the racetrack and trainer daily office management, dormitory is the hippodrome attendant rest place, both economical and practical. Lounge refers to provide brief rest place for customers or visitors, deserve to go up if there are conditions can also be catering the, building wants capacious, bright, as far as possible fully, for the runway direction can be made of glass. Stable, is one of the more important place, cannot careless, location don't low-lying shadow, better ventilation, stable size according to ride a horse's body measurements to decide, can guarantee the horse in a barn can comfortably turn, lie down, stand up. Forage room is usually connected with the stable interlinked, facilitate feed with good can be directly after feeding, can keep good ventilation dry, prevent forage to be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy.
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