How do veterinary drug companies respond to the 'new normal' with new thinking?

by:Desing      2021-03-30
After many years of competition in veterinary drugs, the quantity and quality of products have been significantly improved, and there has been a relatively obvious structural surplus in the veterinary drug industry in many places. Some people of insight in the veterinary drug industry believe that in the next few years, some varieties will choose the right choice. Veterinary drug companies and veterinary drug distributors with good roads, good product quality, high integrity, and a keen market sense will stand out; at the same time, a considerable number of those with extensive operations and shortsightedness may be eliminated by the market. The development of the veterinary drug market will gradually become rational and stable. This phenomenon is called the 'new normal' by the veterinary drug industry. Facing the 'new normalBlood, only if the enterprise is full of innovative spirit from top to bottom, will it make the career path more stable and farther. In the course of business, only by adapting to the 'new normal' can we gain momentum for development and remain invincible in the competition.

   Market demand is the first element of development

   The current status of many veterinary drug companies and marketing circles is that they either follow suit or follow suit, or they have a bayonet hit in the price war, kill a thousand enemies and lose 800, and in the end both lose. Previously, in the era of planned economy, all the products of veterinary drug companies could be sold. However, the situation of the veterinary drug market has undergone a fundamental change. Veterinary drug companies across the country have developed rapidly, and the quantity and quality of veterinary drug products have also been greatly improved. However, the veterinary drug market is highly homogenized and presents a situation where the supply of products exceeds demand , And the competition is getting fiercer. If our veterinary drug companies and distributors lack a sense of competition and still engage in veterinary drug production and management based on old thinking, old experience, and old concepts, they will be slow to respond to the ever-changing market, and they will not pay attention to the selection of the right variety or the fine management. Following the old set of methods will eventually be eliminated by the market. Therefore, whether you are a veterinary drug company or a person engaged in veterinary drug distribution, you must use a keen eye, carefully observe the current situation, pay attention to the market dynamics, and always remember to put the market first, and always keep in mind the market changes. The adjustment of business thinking and development direction should not focus on production and operation all day, and ignore the market as a basic element of development.

   cultivate high-quality goods to achieve differentiation

   The production of veterinary drug companies and the marketing activities of distributors, in the past few years, due to the follow-up effect of people, the phenomenon of product homogeneity is very serious. In terms of varieties, whichever product makes money in the market, whichever product is produced, and the veterinary drug products that truly respond to the new trend of disease development and meet the market demand, the speed of updating products is difficult to meet the actual needs, especially after the country has clearly eliminated banned drugs. Substitution varieties are difficult to meet the needs, and illegal drugs in some places are still secretly sold and used. This is a practical problem that deserves serious consideration. Faced with such a situation, veterinary drug companies and distributors must always put product quality in the first place, and then choose the path of differentiated development, target the market, increase the independent innovation of the company, and strive to achieve Only in this way can we truly be on top and last forever.

   Cooperation and innovation can achieve a win-win situation

   The veterinary medicine industry is an industry that is related to the benefits of breeding and is closely related to the protection of environmental safety and food safety. To manage this industry well, not only must keep pace with the times to produce the refined products that farmers urgently need, but also need advanced technical knowledge and modern equipment conditions, but also understand management, market operation, and more importantly, formulate Suitable for their own development path, it can be said that the veterinary drug industry is an integration of multiple technologies. Therefore, under the conditions of increasingly fierce market competition, it is more difficult to do this work solely on the strength of the enterprise itself. Only by focusing on innovation and strengthening cooperation can we win the market and win the future. Today's innovation is destined to be a complex system innovation, not just a technological update, but also an innovation in thinking, marketing, and service. Today, no company has all the factors of innovation at the same time. Only by looking for opportunities for innovation in cooperation can the company's most precious technical and human resources become real market value. Using external resources to grow oneself is an innovation of resource integration. Only in this way, whether it is a manufacturer or a veterinary drug distributor, can they have a higher perspective and a broader platform in production and sales, so as to actively connect and better Use the platform to develop and grow.

   Only with cost-effective products and breeding solutions can we be competitive

   In the increasingly fierce and complex market competition, companies and distributors have only two hands to survive: 'Grasp customers with one hand, improve customer satisfaction and credibility with the company and distributors, and cultivate a loyal customer base. ; On the other hand, we grasp the quality and cost of products, and provide users with cost-effective products and solutions, so as to obtain greater space and greater profits in the competition. As a veterinary drug manufacturer, time is the largest cost, and in the shortest time If you produce high-quality and cheap products in-house and continuously supply them to users, you will have the initiative and your own huge competitive advantage, so as to obtain your own profits. This is the wise way of competitive management.
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