How for vulcanized rubber kraal pad 'measurement statistics'

by:Desing      2020-04-12
Want to know whether the vulcanized rubber kraal pad standard, then you must read the tai insulation rubber kraal how popular you for vulcanized rubber kraal MATS 'measuring statistics knowledge. To determine the coefficient of vulcanized rubber kraal pad, we can from several aspects. 1, scope: rubber kraal standard rules on the vulcanized rubber kraal MATS high temperature tensile strength, tensile elongation and the method for determination of the coefficient of heat. Rubber sheet standard does not apply and hard rubber kraal pad and similar material of low elongation. 2 and normative reference file. The following documents the terms in this rubber kraal standard reference as this rubber stall MATS standard terms and conditions. Every note date reference documents, its all subsequent modification single ( Not including errata content) Or revision shall not apply to the stall with the rubber pad. However, encourage rubber kraal pad standard agreement of the parties under this study whether can use the latest version of these documents. Anyone who doesn't note date reference documents, the latest version is applicable to this standard. GB/T 528 vulcanized rubber kraal stall or thermoplastic rubber MATS, the determination of tensile stress-strain properties ( GB / T 528 - 1998年,国防部ISO 37:1994) ; GB/T 2941 rubber kraal mat physical test method, sample preparation and adjusting the general program ( GB / T 2941 - 2006. idt ISO23529:2004) ; HG/T 2369- 1992 rubber plastic tensile testing machine technology conditions. 3, principle. Moving at constant speed of tensile test machine, the dumbbell rubber kraal stall or annular standard rubber MATS sample stretch. In uninterrupted stretch rubber stall MATS as required in the process of the sample or in the records of tensile and elongation at fracture. Although Mr Tai insulation rubber kraal pad and introduced several measuring knowledge for everyone, but who are not fixed. Different rubber kraal mat the measurement standard is different, when buying and detect rubber kraal pad don't blunt bye. Related: industrial rubber kraal stall and ordinary rubber MATS have what different
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