How is the insulation rubber byre pad is insulation?

by:Desing      2020-04-10
Insulating rubber kraal pad consists of the main raw material is made from rubber. Put the rubber as the material of insulation board because rubber has the superior properties of other materials cannot match. First rubber latex rubber trees and other plants, is the source of rubber elastic became as a choice for insulating rubber kraal pad first reason, good flexibility to insulation rubber kraal mat on floor, and other process is not easy to fracture, and has good stretching resistance and extendability. Choose rubber as the most important is the rubber insulation board with good insulation, the insulation rubber kraal mat can under high voltage v also can work normally, not affected by high voltage v. According to the different voltage grade to the insulating rubber sheet as to meet the needs of different products, this kind of circumstance is, greatly improve the work efficiency. Rubber insulated board also has waterproof, insulating rubber kraal mat spread on the ground effectively prevent the flooding accident, have played an important role to protect the safety of staff of life. Rubber is not only used in the electric power industry is also widely used in other industrial fields.
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