How should we distinguish rubber kraal mat

by:Desing      2020-04-02
On market sales of insulating rubber stall variety, from the material, performance, how do we choose the most suitable, is what we need to first understand the insulating rubber kraal mat? Insulating rubber kraal mat is one of the insulation board, has a larger volume resistivity and resistance to breakdown of rubber byre pad. The main selection of NR, SBR and IIR excellent insulation performance of nonpolar rubber manufacturing, mainly used in power plants, substations, distribution at the ground laid of the place such as the use of an insulating mat. And insulating rubber kraal pad insulation performance by analysing and the influence of additives including vulcanization system of filling system. Insulating rubber kraal pad when the choose and buy, therefore, we should start from three aspects: 1, from the insulating rubber kraal mat the size of the insulation resistance, dielectric constant, high breakdown voltage, power factor, corona numerical level to the comprehensive measure insulation rubber kraal pad insulation performance; 2, to see whether the insulation rubber kraal mat production rubber, mainly reflected in the physical and mechanical properties of the insulating rubber kraal pad, smells, durability, flexible, waterproof, prevent the respect such as mould sex and use fixed number of year; 3, the insulation rubber kraal mat use requirements and the environment, such as using the environment humidity, sunlight, etc. Insulating rubber kraal mat features: good physical and mechanical properties, excellent insulation performance, can be in dry - 35 ~ + 100 ℃ air coefficient of mediation electric demanding work environment. Through testing the 43 kv, normal work under the conditions of 660 v, strong elasticity, insulation performance is superior, the surface luster. Widely used in substation, power plants, substations, laboratory and field charged homework. Insulating rubber kraal mat use and storage: applicable to electronic workbench and the laying of the ground, power station, substation ground laid and installed; Stored in a dry, ventilated environment, away from heat source, left the ground [ 1] More than 20 cm and walls. Avoid by acid and alkali and oil pollution, do not open to prevent avoid direct sunlight. Insulating rubber kraal pad inspection standards: ( In the case of 8 mm insulation rubber kraal pad) A, appearance: 1, flecked depth, and height no more than 2 rubber sheet thickness tolerance, bubble per square meter, covers an area of less than 1 cm of the bubble is not more than five, the distance between any two bubbles not less than 40 mm. 3, depth and length of impurities is not more than 1/64 of the thickness of rubber sheet, edge or surface width is not more than 10 mm, length less than 1/105 of the rubber plate length, no crack, hardness (B Shao Er A) : 55 - 70 c, the tensile strength and elongation at failure: 1, the tensile strength ( Mpa) ≥5. 02, elongation at failure D, stretch (250% or higher 150%) Permanent deformation of 25% or less, hot air aging (E 70℃*72h) : tensile strength reduced rate of 30% or less F, absorbent 1 or less. 5% G, electric insulation performance test: 1, the withstand voltage test: 25 kv ( RMS) , keep 1 min, should be no breakdown phenomenon [ 2] 2, 35 kv or breakdown voltage test ( RMS)
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