How to adjust the speed of the milking machine

by:Desing      2020-04-10
- - - - - - 0 - 0 how to adjust the speed of the milking machine we in use milking machine, will meet the cow milk is not the normal situation, one of the reasons is due to the speed of the equipment are not adjusted. Its speed will influence the pleased milk cows milk goats can stop, and adjust the speed according to the practice situation suitable to the normal range. But there are a lot of users to adjust the speed when don't know how to do, by adjusting failure. Here we list several common adjustment measures, the electromagnetic power manipulation of milking machine, is all the changes of the aspirations of the device no-load speed, speed regulation is high efficiency energy saving control of motor speed. , reduce the speed of the device, as we all know, speed universal expression for ambition no-load speed and droop, all due to power control principle of speed regulation method. , loss power control, increase the droop of milking machine, speed is low efficiency and energy dissipation type speed control. , frequency control of motor speed, this method is very scientific, and the control method and performance of the device and speed regulating mechanism contact closely in together, to clear the device speed development direction. Milking machine running speed has a great influence on quality of milk production, if the adjustment is not very likely to form abnormal milk production of dairy cow milk goats, the quality of the milk will be reduced, therefore, demand control operation technology, talents to produce milk, assistance and resulting in the increase of economic benefits is duty-bound.
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