How to be a qualified horse owner?

by:Desing      2020-03-29
This is a lot of people yearn for answer the question, how to do a good horse owner? This is easy, than looking for buying horses, find a racecourse foster more easily. When you begin to care about it, is also the problem and cost will be. Such as horse shod, medical, insect repellent, harness, breeding, etc, and the items on the list will continue to increase. This is just when you start with a horse with you both to spend a lot of money and time to go to with people who have to harness, horse clothes and equipment, will spend plenty of time and horses. Buy a horse is a need to pay the obligation of infinite, I summarized the following three conditions: first, those people in a week to love horses. They don't like the professional rider is competent, and they don't have enough knowledge to know how to take care of a horse. Second, there is rich technical experience and knowledge of the rider. Here refers to not only in terms of riding, also take care of the horses. Third, rich of beginners. They don't have much experience about horse, often weeks in an effort to work, just to ride a horse on the weekend. Case 1: a week you come, what you ride horses have been prepared and has been in a barn out to you to ride, so of course seems to be very attractive. This makes a lot of people consider want to have a horse, a lot of people now can't wait to buy it. Some wise man call his coach and he went out to pick a horse, some people don't do that. Thomas Lord, I know they bought completely inappropriate horse, such as too young, too old, too fast, and so on. And it will be like a little knowledge of the consultant in trying to solve their own problems. Which of the following is the horse riders want that: the right size, the appropriate age, the most important thing is feeling and will not be too sensitive. Riders can safely do horses, for horses, and take a horse to the outdoor space, you ride will not worry about horse flow JueZi or escape. The importance is why those who decided to buy a horse with a coach to reason. The saving grace is that the owner usually put their horses in foster care in the club or the racecourse, so at least the horse can get well cared for. Case 2: experienced riders ( He/she may already have the horses) Understand the types of the horse, at least they know whether stable management and know horse should go to the game, they will have the ability to use special methods to treat special horses. These riders are usually understand matters of stable, and if they had horses before, they can prepare horses ( As for the new horse) 。 I don't fear the horse owner because they understand the knowledge of the horse and often to take care of their horses. Case 3: the wealthy owners are usually very poor in terms of basic knowledge of horses. They tend to buy a good horse, harness and equipment, but riding, and they don't know how to take care of their horses. In addition, in accordance with the mentioned above, put the horse in a club or the racecourse those horse owner of foster care, to know the location of horses at least stable staff know how to correctly treat the horses. For me, who will go to buy or own horses already has nothing to do, as long as they can take good care of and attaches great importance to the horses. Most horse owners still willing to manage their horses, to care, feeding, cleaning, harness, etc. Work under the pressure, I can understand a lot of business men and women is just like a horse and ride a horse, but cannot provide the time to take care of the horses. I think riding clubs have a responsibility to the potential owner that buy the pros and cons of the horse, of course, has its own horses do have a very good reason, but also need to know the bad aspects. Because horses are extremely expensive animal, so the club less knowledge, but also should develop the horses have horse horse master the knowledge of how to take care of the horses. Professor horse owners need not be complicated and science subjects, such as the basis of content, such as: how to work around the horse, how to grasp the horses and horse to plug up, how to fill up a bag of grass, how to clean the stables, how to manage the horse, how to put them on the horse and the horse clothes, how to prepare the horse, etc. , fine endlessly. These are the basic, but the management of the horses and the content of the relationship is very important. The horse owners usually prefer to study knowledge related to horses, in order to improve their relations with the horse. It's very interesting. If some horse owners have equestrian speech party every weekend, they often learn from each other's comment more knowledge.
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