How to carry out disinfection of portable milking machine

by:Desing      2020-04-02
- - - - - - 0 - How to carry out the disinfection of the portable milking machine portable milking machine using the restraint of the traditional artificial milking the disadvantages of low efficiency and not health, always improved, in order to guarantee the health of extrusion of milk, milk, the use of the equipment to stop both before and after disinfection, detailed how to do, see below together ( ) Milk with agree with health standards of water stop before cleaning, in order to eliminate possible residual microorganism, alkali and acid, cleaning cycle time at about ~ 0 minutes. ( ) (1) after milking preflush don't need any detergent, wash water temperature in ℃ ~ ℃, if the rubber lining inside the foreign body of portable milking machine, usable brush clean by hand. (2) the beginning of alkaline dissolving temperature above ℃, circulating water temperature is lower than after ℃. The concentration of alkali solution pH value. 。 (3) pickling purpose is to clean the pipe residual mineral, pickling temperature between ℃ ~ ℃, circulation pickling time requirements minutes, concentration of acid liquid pH value. 。 (4) clean water rinse, with fit life drinking water health standards of water stop cleaning, cleaning cycle time ~ 0 minutes, to eliminate possible residual acid, lye, microbial and peculiar smell. That is to say, portable milking machine don't just stop after milking disinfection, in order to prevent one thousand, before the use is also necessary to stop cleaning, staff should pay attention to details when disinfection, for example, it's time, temperature, and ph value of acid and alkaline cleaning, in order to reach better disinfection effect.
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