How to choose a good kind of ram

by:Desing      2020-12-02
Choose good kind of ram, is one of the important link of the development of sheep industry. As a kind of can match many RAMS and ewes, had a great influence on their offspring. As a kind of use of RAMS in addition to should have the variety of appearance, should also have tall men, from the physical body strong, energetic, good appetite, have good male posture, as well as the combination of head and neck, eyes good big god, chest width, ShenYao long, muscular, straight limbs, on both sides of the testicles have symmetry and modest, etc. Practice has proved, from kinds of ram SAO flavor and songs, can judge the strength of its sexual desire, and this method is very accurate. SAO flavor is thick, high sing loud, its sexual desire is very strong. Contributors: if you think this net reprint content involved, the author of a work, please contact us as soon as possible. Telephone: information.

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