How to choose electronic scale ( Electronic scale)

by:Desing      2020-03-26
Today I mainly to introduce the small make up about how to choose the electronic scale ( Electronic scale) , first of all, introduce you to our electronic scale types and functions, hope can help to everybody. Electronic scale product categories: ___________ electronic scale single layer: four high precision sensors, stainless steel waterproof connector, intelligent display instrument. Scale surface on the basis of A36 structural steel and C channel steel frame, durable, with 4 adjustable leg beautiful shape, firm structure, exquisite workmanship, innovative patent high rigid high strength design, innovative unique appearance design patent. Suitable for use lifting materials weighing, forklift shovel and manual handling weighing. This electronic double layer structure: the scale is suitable for the pit type electronic scale, with four groups of bowl-shaped head component, installation is convenient. With IP67 waterproof connection box ( 分线箱) Connect four sensors used. Can be used easily monitor linked with weight control, weight data and start to read other features. Can be directly connected link RS232 interface or printer interface. The remote display of links within 10 meters. When the sensor damage, can change. Equipped with M12 ring clasp, convenient transportation. Suitable for small vehicle cargo weighing, suitable for has pit type installation. 3. Note: electronic scale is optional to print, print, electronic scales, meters, 4 - relay output 20 ma output current quantitative instrument, such as stainless steel instrument, counting instrument & hellip; … _____ the electronic scale has been widely used in scientific research, chemical industry, electronics, hardware, plastics, printing, packaging, food, pharmaceutical, materials, and other enterprises, the market share, is ahead and the general new old customers trust and praise. Electronic scale product features: 1. High precision waterproof scales, national standards, divided into IP65IP67IP68 waterproof level. 2. Electronic scale main functions and features: waterproof, prevent oil, corrosion resistance, impact resistant characteristics. 3. Electronic scales adopts full stainless steel seiko production, ultra-thin design, convenient for weighing. 4. 电子磅秤斜坡式设计、特殊挺处理坚固耐用,结构合理。 5. Electronic scale display instrument fully sealed type, to prevent any water, any gas. 6. 1/15000 four type moisture sensor has high precision, the highest precision, accurate and stable.
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