How to choose for the horse a suitable stable - — Hangzhou stable equestrian fence to solve for you

by:Desing      2020-03-28
In 1959, the unearthed tang xian in shaanxi province 'immediately', the horse 40 cm high, creamy white, stretched neck bow, decoration is very exquisite, finishing horsehair, green trim figure. In the following years, xian unearthed other formative three-color horse, the appearance of three-color horses do very lifelike, the ancients give full play to the artistic imagination, the horse's intrinsic mental performance incisively and vividly. Historically, the relationship between man and the horse is inseparable. According to published in the journal Science in recent years about the large amount of evidence that northern kazakhstan there culture, the Bronze Age about 5000 years ago, the horse has been domesticated in Europe and Asia, regiondessavanes. Type of the horses in the world is about more than 300 varieties, the horse species classification according to the general biology, animal husbandry and hot and cold blood. The oldest in the world is the most pure breeds, pedigree: Arab horse blood, sweat and Mongolian horse. Other types of horses are made by the three after a long time, gradually, evolution and hybridization, evolution step by step back again. Local varieties in China, cases of Mongolian horse, meander, kazak horses are grasslands, average height of 120 cm to 135 cm, weight is 280 ~ 380 kg weight, size, thoracic deep tendon developed. Three hippos are pedigree extremely complex breeds in Inner Mongolia, it is by the orlov horses, skin cukor, blood horse, such as anglian Arabian horse breeds with local breeds, gradually formed the three hippos today. The average height of three hippos in 140 cm to 147 cm, weight 330 ~ 380 kg. And xinjiang's ili horse is and the former Soviet union, hippos, orlov horse hybrid, such as the blood of hippo reached more than 50%, so the average height of ili horses about 144 cm to 148 cm, weight 400 kg to 450 kg. Tall, strong limbs. With the transformation of economic development in our country, the mechanization and modernization development is rapid, machinery and transport gradually replaced the animal, charger and farming draught horse out in large quantities. Because people's need for health and spiritual and cultural life, horse breeding is becoming more and more to the world equestrian sport for the direction of the horse breeding. Horse also from farming to race horse transformation. Species as a result of the horse, the horse is not the same as the height and weight, so for the horse to choose a suitable stable is particularly important. The stable, is not only a horse rest place, also be a shelter to protect the safety of the horse. Because it is human nature that many horses didn't like in the stable, so a scientifically designed the stable will make it much easier to take care of your horse, let you feel comfortable and safe. We in the design of a stable, follow the principle of 'the second' practical first, beautiful, stable size need according to the keep of Malay. For example, GuoChanMa stable high three. 5 meters across, foreign horse size larger stable high 4 meters across. The stable and the stable between the police and the stable door design is still consider ventilated, the stable location toward and daylighting must also be considered. To avoid the winter winds already, also want to use in summer breeze to cool the stables. In addition, unobstructed drainage are very important to maintain a stable future clean, like horses, medical area, saddlery room clean wash, Ma Gong dormitory, licorice place should be thoughtful. In the stable, try to arrange enough lighting equipment, make the dark or shaded area at least, this is mainly to be on the safe side. Lights do not recommend the use of fluorescent lamps, light bulbs with safety cage around or safety net, in order to prevent the horse because of curiosity to bump broken them, made itself was injured. Whether we are doing what kind of design, we should give priority to with the horse's safe and comfortable. Therefore, how to choose a suitable stable is very important.
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