How to choose the milking equipment

by:Desing      2020-04-04
With the scale enlargement of dairy cattle breeding, mechanized milking has become a large-scale dairy farmers facing the reality of technical problems, at the same time, milking equipment is becoming more and more popular with the users, so we should how to choose appropriate milking equipment? Small make up take you to find out together! Milking equipment is mainly divided into three categories, a hall type milking equipment, pipeline milking equipment and small milking cars, among them: 1. Hall type milking equipment: is a way of mechanized milking scale required equipment, milk can effectively reduce staff labor intensity, improve work efficiency, ensure the milk cows in the health, comfortable environment, improve health standards and productivity of the milk, improved the operation of artificial conditions; 2. Pipeline machine milking machine equipment: the equipment at the same time for six to eight cows milk, applicable to the tie-down tent to keep dairy and animal husbandry village, can automatically collect milk, in situ circulation cleaning, effectively guarantee the health of milk, economical and practical; 3. Milk portable milking cars: the car is a vacuum pump, milk cup, milk bucket on a car, has the advantages of mobile operation, economic, convenient, suitable for small dairy farms and free-range cows individual users. Milking equipment is designed according to the principle of calves pumping process, both to ensure the quality of raw milk, and can improve the milking, milking greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, increase the income of the farmers, we should according to own actual situation to choose the appropriate milking equipment, improve the working efficiency of the milking.
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