How to choose the milking machine parts

by:Desing      2020-03-10
Milk machine is mainly used in animal husbandry industry now, it is consists of two parts, milking machine and vacuum unit. When changing pay attention to choose the same type, quality, qualified spare parts. The following will introduce a few easy damaged parts. 1. : in milk tube diameter is enough big, should not be less than 12. 5 mm, wall smooth, soft hard moderate, has certain elasticity, the vacuum degree of work ( 50 kpa) Not deformation, acid, alkali cleaning fluid. Other countries also provisions must use a new type of composite materials ( Such as silica gel) Tube made of transparent milk, the milk tube observation, cleaning is very convenient, and long service life. 2. The stand or fall of milk milk rubber lining: rubber lining is very important, milk the service life of lining is generally, first time, can be used to calculate. At present, there are two main types of milk the service life of lining, that is 1500 times and 2500 times. Due to poor lining cracking, elastic rubber milk milk can cause abnormal, or burst threat cows healthy or make milk quality to drop, therefore, the conditional user should be timely replacement of the same type of imported lining rubber milk, the milk line special soft, elastic, can give the nipples very good protection. 3. Rotary vane vacuum pump: it is an important part in vacuum pump, using special wear-resistant materials. The stand or fall of its performance determines the swept volume of the vacuum pump and service life, so change must choose normal manufacturer production of qualified products. Introduced the content of the above the choice of the vulnerable parts of milking machine products, understand the knowledge in this field, in the later operation and choose to buy must pay more attention to the explanation of what time, hope that the introduction of this paper are helpful to you. Milking machine parts, must be regularly test system respectively, Suggestions according to the use of strict standard, to ensure that it is always in good working condition.
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