How to clean the cow milking machine?

by:Desing      2020-03-03
The use of cow milking machines has greatly improved the efficiency of milking on the farm and the quality of milk. However, when using mechanical milking, attention should also be paid to cleaning to avoid the impact on the quality of milk next time. So how to clean it? The cleaning of the cow milking machine shall involve all parts in contact with milk. The cleaning of the milking machine is divided into three main parts: the milking part guided by vacuum, including the milking unit, the milk meter, the milk pipe and the receiving tank. The second part is the milk pipe part from the receiving tank to the cold cylinder, including the milk pump and the cold row (Some cattle farms are not installed). The third part is the cleaning of the cold cylinder. The reason why the cleaning of the milking machine is divided into 3 parts is due to the different cleaning principles and methods of each part. Therefore, after each use, it must be cleaned correctly according to the cleaning principles and methods of different parts.
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