How to consider the horse racecourse design behavior?

by:Desing      2020-03-28
The racecourse designer must know the fundamental behavior of the horses, to develop appropriate racecourse equipment design and construction scheme. Understand the racecourse building designers all knew the horse's temperament and different from other animals. If designers to understand the horse is not much, or it is not clear standard racecourse activity, should automatically to ride horses basic actions and reactions under different conditions. Safe design to comply with the horse racecourse intercommunity, provide safe and convenient environment for the horse and nursing personnel. This section Outlines the horse racecourse equipment construction related behavior characteristics. Compromise or flight horse of sight, smell, and sound is very prosperous, its Angle is 340 °, is sensitive to the dynamic around. 'Compromise or flight', is horse natural defense mechanism. Generally, a horse is attacking plants, when they thought himself subject to coerce, excited, be patient, be frightened or stable feel pain, will typically stable first attempt to escape. Stables raising horses in the middle of the necessary to consolidate, and cannot have projections, not hurt panic of horses. If working circle fence have a chance of escape, horse stables may compromise, such as playing, attack or bite. About existing or horses know to coerce, horse soon response stable, and very hard to stop fighting, so must choose to consolidate the material break ring fence, it also can protect the safety of the caregivers to horses. When the horse was trapped in set-up circle fence fence or horseshoe card in the stable railing, usually horses would be very nervous. Im a local will patience to wait for rescue, but unfortunately a few horses will struggle, trying to escape from the narrow 'risk' situation. 'Escape or compromise' also explains the horses impulsive talent, the level of excitement and tension by individuals and blood. Design reasonable equipment can abundant thought to the horses and the peace of nursing staff, at the same time can reduce the sensitivity of the horse, or weaken it wants through the or skip the obstruction of desire. Some horses ( As a male horse), Naturally aggressive, it needs more targeted design scheme to prevent horses or nursing staff were injured. Social demand is a gregarious plant, so big a few horses will join the other horses. Isolated horse lack of sense of peace, often not farewell or can harm health behavior, and social horses do not have this kind of condition. Stables raising horses will soon feel boring, drew a stable vice ( Generally called factors, if training, bad habits will weaken; But the lack of training, bad habits will aggravate) 。 Vice listed as follows: the & # 8226; Eating wood fetish & # 8226; Hooves, kick the door before or after the hoof from time to time playing wall & # 8226; Repeatedly put your body emphasis has shifted from left front feet right front hoofs & # 8226; In the stable, circle, shaking his head & # 8226; Throat teeth biting hard, expansion, from swallowing air, this is known as the die PI if separate stables raising horses can see other horses, will be very quiet. Should try to make the horse to see other horses, see their outdoor activities, in order to reduce the incidence of vice, increase the horse because of isolation and anxiety. Ruling position social dominant position of the horse. In horses, each horse attacks and compliance behavior decision where they are sorted. A grass, in the corner of the pasture on or in other block field, ruling position terrain to drive compliance horses horses application, add the internal injuries onset rate. In addition, food, water and shelter represents the unlimited resources, and these were the effects of dominant position. Good is good at to examine the behavior of the horse and rider temperament, applies the respective features of training and stables. After investigate the horses on the grass and the relationship between each other, they are grouped, and thus stop the stables and transport. Horse escape space, public space, is like a man and the horse will influence the other horse's behavior. Once someone into the space, it will separate. In training, people often used this to try to catch the field, or to make it work in emphasis has been placed on the circle. Dominant position of horses to demand obviously not blackmail other horses, just run into each other's space, can let a absolute compliance horse away from food, water or grass. Stable: food, safe and horses in the middle of the rest more pay attention to safe food and itself. In the natural environment, they use a lot of time every day to eat grass, but in the environment of the blockade, horses dietary rule, short, will use a lot of time for other activities. Stable and clear represents a guarantee horse food and safe places. These two factors make the horse think home is stable, even the stable caught fire, excited horse will return. Horses stood often rest or take a nap, but lie is still a long time to sleep. In the middle of the sleep mode means the horse needs a comfortable to stand up and lying down. Them more love, by contrast, pad stables, not strong, bare floor. Horses need lies to make daily REM ( Rapid eye movement) Lean on her, perhaps as much as can be something to rest, described the stables raising horses apt. On the basis of the horse behavior design equipment, need not complicated or expensive. The horse in the vast grasslands once produced for many years, with grazing and simple shelter ( Including the nature of things, such as the dense bushes or trees) Fell to also can have good business. The racecourse equipment to help the horse peace, and to improve efficiency of horse care. Reasonable planning and design of the racecourse to waste money, improper design will obstruct the day-to-day running of the racecourse, adding human capital and maintain, but also endanger the safety and health of the man and the horse.
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