How to design a stable?

by:Desing      2020-04-01
The stable ( 稳定) Good ventilation conditions, and easy to health management. Every horse in the stable level due to the size of the management by the horses. If be blood horse to horse, is very not less than 4 mx 4 m. If is under 150 cm height of domestic breeds or pony 3 mx 4 m or so. And if is purebred male horse, it is advisable to around 6 mx m: in addition, should also be set at the same time the horse in the stable library, feed, sanitary ware, cleaning, cooking, library, baoding equipment such as: in order to progress the stable ventilation function from the stable structure, the racecourse device address of the window, the place such as the height of the roof hands: in addition, based on the stable of outer wall material, inner decoration of stable material, roof material, the different materials the racecourse equipment such as air, ventilated effect will also change. In health management, while each packing is different, by using the stable but not using urine formation of stored information is essential. Can be used as a stable padded with straw, wheat straw, sawdust, newspaper, etc. Various materials: but from the point of the racecourse equipment water imbibition and moisturizing effect is stable, straw or sawdust is very good. In terms of how to sweep out the stable urine, although there are a lot of ways, but local store urine solution is not recommended. Ideal solution is made certain tilt, the air will lead to a stable urine inside: about the stable air and metope, in order to make horses can turn, you can stand up to the air and metope to elaborate manufacture. Metope should use even splash dungs urine can also erase material. In addition, the use of the horse is not easy to play bad material is also very important. If the condition allows, 1 at the bottom of the wall. Within the range of 5 m posted wood or rubber material is better, this will prevent the horse while playing wall formation fractures. In order not to have been the destruction of the horse thinks, the stable daylighting window set in 2. More than 5 m height. If condole top, height should be more than 3 m, so that the horse even upright not met. Perhaps with ceiling TongTouShi roof. In recent years, in order to increases ventilation function, using the roof of the stables, more and more. The stable exit width required in 1. More than 5 m. The fixed hardware access on one side of the door leaf should also pay attention to due to high lift 2. 5 m wide and 1. 8 m of large door leaf, so must insist they don't shake, must be strong enough to hold. Other internal gear doors also attention to import and export of the central should be easy to accumulate dust, and to prevent unnecessary lumps. Because according to the habits of the horse, horse suddenly out of condition can sometimes. This should prevent the acute Angle of a fixed hardware. Words are installed in the stable material and bucket should be located in the corner or on one side of the stables, import and export and import and export into a diagonal line address. There are a lot of the stable is a bucket or word material barrel lift, if there is enough space, set up the platform better serving these vessels. If there is a well put together and feed bucket bucket. With the stable of childbirth at least above 4 mx 6 m. Should set the control room (beside Equipped with necessary equipment of childbirth, appliance, medical supplies) 。 If produce chest appear yellow mark ( After prior blood reflection that) , the stable used in building materials equipment should adopt strong items. Ensure the horse also avoid damage when kicking or mania. Must according to the level of its yellow gangrene stop 3 ~ 24 h of weaning, therefore must set the partition in the stable.
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