How to detect the sound of the dc motor running

by:Desing      2020-04-06
The working principle of dc motor is felt in the armature coils of alternating emf, dc motor commutator brush commutation function together, from the brush dc motor to make it leads to the principle of dc electromotive force. The direction of the dc motor was electromotive force (chapter according to the right hand made the dc motor Magnetic induction line point to palm, dc motor thumb to guide the direction of body activity, dc motor other four fingers pointing in the direction is to feel the electromotive force in the conductor) 。 Testing the performance of dc motor can be divided into static testing and dynamic testing. A static test, dc motor: 1, the dc motor demand measurement insulation resistance by megger are ( Between the armature and field; Dc motor, between excitation and shell) ; 2, the dc motor commutator, lubrication without scar; 3, check dc motor carbon brush wear level as well as the 'small plait line' have any loose and destruction; 4, check dc motor internal and output of lead terminal can strong cohesion. Dc motor noise during operation how to detect the second, dc motor, the dynamic testing: 1, how many concluded that, in the midline in the area of the dc motor direction, to set the same voltage symmetry identification; 2, no-load current of dc motor that is more than 10% have a title, dc motor normal no-load current should be less than 10%; 3, rotating speed of dc motor no-load running to additional, dc motor power free parking, check the dc motor drive train bearing running condition and concluded that the dynamic balance can fit requirement. There should be no significant planing process dc motor vibration and noise.
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