How to factory workers to choose insulation rubber kraal mat

by:Desing      2020-04-15
Aerospace science and technology industry now stall without rubber mat's help, which is often used in industry insulation rubber kraal pad how to choose? How can we find a good place to buy rubber insulation kraal pad, for the workers to improve safety? Small make up think there is a need pay attention to the following points: 1, the search on the Internet about the insulation rubber kraal mat, would come out to many companies, the name of the company to check again, very not see evaluation, credit degree is not high, and look at the company size, is there any license, all know where location, and so on need to do. 2, if the company address is very close to might as well can go to the other points, because many small factories may be blind to write the address, or the company is small, so seeing is believing, prevent cheated. 3, a lot of small factories has no business license, so to the factory to see whether have the business license. Choose to have test report, because the relationship to personal safety, so must choose normal manufacturer production of rubber pad. 4, before buying to manufacturers cable sample for testing, pressure level detection. Insulated pad laid on power, this requires that we purchase the insulation of the rubber gasket must meet the stress levels. Don't have pungent smell, the smell is too large amount of secondary rubber insulated pad is added too much of the most direct performance. Pull a pull, a ten percent discount, there will not be broken. Easy broken insulation pads is added in the raw material recycled rubber, such insulated pad insulation performance is poor, affect the security of person. See the tensile strength, good insulation pads must be flexible. Choose insulation rubber kraal pad must not be showed, want to know about the concept of cheap goods is not good, large factory is not integrity of quality problem, to protect the personal safety of workers.
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