How to find the right jumps over rider?

by:Desing      2020-03-29
The rider as 1 beat and rhythm, adhere to the horses in the exercise of good; This sentence is the most important and difficult. First of all the horses must be rolling tire running, running a curvet think, rather than think of running forward. Training to insist on this run, the rider to run good every step carefully, every step of the catapult are in place. Second, the horse should be elongation and expansion, casual transformation, beat and rhythm and stick to the same. It knows to THE rider's request, if you want to secondary open to complete THE transformation, then THE beats will be destroyed, even get THE power, so THE rider of THE HALF THE HALT training is very useful, can let THE horse maintain rhythm and transform stride. 2, guide horses marching direction, aim at prevent center; Riders travel outside the gaze equestrian obstacles as soon as possible, can the road ran well. Don't see the horse, with his head down and turning the past to be late, easy to make achievements. Good dressage horses very soft listen, can correct flexible barrier column by curve turning into the straight line on the way. When turning the foreign rein and foreign leg is very important, to know what the church horse leg instruction steering. Rare to the rider just pull the REINS, the foreign shoulder sling out, the horse will follow the foreign shoulder and ran away. If the horse habits to get away from the right shoulder, so much to do on the right side of the shoulder to the practice will be a help. On the contrary. Horses are few escape is because there is no alignment impede the two ends, we're going to make the horse every time starting from the root training from cavort both ends. Interspersed with rod prance is to make the horse view from two prance. 3, maintain the momentum of horses marching, feel free to contact horses insist, disposal conditions; In what ways are the horses of power? Because the horses marching wishes! This is the most important. Our training horses in the thinking of it forward, go behind the us for leg for just maintain this desire. Dynamic practice is propulsion, from horse - the engine of movement - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hind legs, hind legs good work is the key to adhere to the propulsion. Horses spine as long as the energetic can extend the current great use of back muscle, good hind limbs movement can occur. Interfere with the horse like dance not require horses excessive bending, but also require back, hind legs, center of gravity to facilitate prance to lift. Horses in the energetic warm-up after filled with the desire of the forward, then we can start prance. The rider's leg assistance is a part of and horses adhere to contact at any time, just as important as the REINS of the contact. There don't know whether the good understanding a word, it is through the seat and legs of assisted, you put the power of the horse by the hind legs to the rider's hands. 4, in the jump instantly, learn to timely waiting, don't rush, try to minimize the impact. This kind of waiting is not at the beginning of takeoff run, but near the obstacles on the way to wait. As long as the horse expansion ability correct curvet, riders sit back seat before hinder pressure on horseback provoked horses arch expansion cavort more easily. Try to stick to a curve natural running horse, to maintain the beat, the rider on the straight to discriminant interval, inflation can even adjust the pace of the horse, found the correct takeoff points. Should be very clear prancing horse rider a height and width to interfere with the demand of the power, blindly expand lost prance to breakeven. Before takeoff to rush the horse is relatively not allowed, is also very risky. In addition to the calf, while the rider other parts need to be quiet, especially the hand to steady. Don't ahead of the horse jump with the body, with the body is not complete a machine, but the prancing horse softer measures. The rider's feet forward appropriately, feel the body and tiptoe folding, hand with horses neck stretched out, could not prevent the prance of horses air posture is very important. Measures and restore the body's opportunity and hinder the height and width of the matter. A beginner to understand is to stand up, it's wrong. The whole seat stays the same, take off the stirrup prance is the only way, you can completely change stand thoughts. After this prancing horse riders can resume work horses running at any time.
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