How to get more energy efficient cyclone?

by:Desing      2020-04-05
Hydrocyclone is a kind of wet classifying equipment, which USES fluid consisting of rotating centrifugal force to end material separation. Can be widely used in mineral dressing, chemical engineering, environmental, oil and other categories.     In the process of the application of hydraulic cyclone, the people is the most attention is the stand or fall of its energy saving effect, the energy saving effect, therefore how to progress hydrocyclone is the major ore factory and dressing manufacturers has always been trying to direction.     So how to improve the problem of large energy consumption of the hydraulic cyclone, from three aspects, the following by xin hai wear-resisting rubber industry under the company's technical staff to a brief description of the three aspects: the & # 8195;   An import energy loss, after falling to decline in energy consumption & # 8195;   The import of hydrocyclone is missing, generally is by the incoming fluid from a feeding tube into the cyclone, because of the flow channel to Russia but expansion of the section, and steering resistance and vortex resistance caused by the energy lost, to its feeding port planning into involute feeding way, help to increase the material of the centrifugal force, cutting feed of wear and tear, it can reduce energy consumption by 50%; Change feeding port to curve form feed way, it can advance production capacity, cutting feed port of loss; Can also feed planning into three dimensional spiral feeding method, it can better control the cyclone inlet fluid disturbance and turbulent pulsation, decline in imports, energy consumption rate of progress.     Second, after falling internal energy loss to decline in energy consumption & # 8195;   Hydrocyclone decline internal flow loss can be improved the overflow tube to end. Hydrocyclone overflow is coarse and thickness in the product separation grain thick turbidity is caused by the short circuit flow, and the existence of short circuit flow and flow of the intrusive is directly related to the structure of the overflow pipe shape. So improve the overflow pipe is a key problem. Among them, the walls of the overflow pipe in hydrocyclone ring plus some teeth, can progress separation precision index. Eight times. Between the roof and the overflow pipe in the hydrocyclone will open a ring gap leads to short circuit flow, can cut the overflow material thickness of thick muddy, progressive hierarchical power by about 8%; Will flow GuanGaiCheng divergent tube, can make the overflow population of fluid in low pressure conditions can be smoothly into the cyclone, the energy consumption dropped by 27%.     Hydrocyclone internal energy loss also can pass to eliminate the air inside cyclone column drop, because the interior of the air column without any separation process, the amount of energy to the cyclone separation without any contribution, and it occupies space to cut inside the air column area of the overflow mouth activity.     Hydrocyclone internal energy loss of the lining structure can also be altered hydrocyclone to fall, because the material within the hydrocyclone are activities under high Reynolds number, will be in a cyclone side wall boundary layer to screen fine, can be part of the vertebral bodies in hydrocyclone appearance device within a dentate groove, this can damage the lining of the boundary layer, a must strength the eddy current help inclusions in fine particle from the boundary layer of coarse grain in the overflow. This plan to avoid the cyclone overflow is rough phenomenon, improved cyclone separation accuracy, decline the internal energy loss.     Third, after falling export energy loss to decline in energy consumption & # 8195;   Hydrocyclone falling export energy loss, in fact is to cut export fluid discharge caused by the loss of the outlet pressure and speed can, let the material with less pressure at its outlet. Detailed improvement measures can be finished after conditioning bottom LiuKou energy-saving effect. One way is to put a rubber valve on the underflow pipe, it can follow the concentration of the feed changed to regulate valve open degree, make bottom flow more stable, greatly reduced the energy consumption, and advances the separation power, prolong the service life; Another way is to hydrocyclone flow pipe installation a to-go water sealing, progress rate 12%, the underflow concentration progress is about 11%.     Hydrocyclone import energy loss, the internal energy is lost, export energy loss of the three big problems after a useful way to improve the progress of the cyclone separation power, down the energy consumption and achieve real let hydrocyclone 'exciting' and the role of energy saving.
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