How to go through the cattle working chute customization?
Contact Qingdao Desing Farming Technology Co.,Ltd.'s Customer Service and share your requirement. Due to our expertise, we'll take you through the whole process, from price volume evaluation through to design, tooling and manufacturing. Pick from a range of variables to make the best cattle working chute or alternative based on your requirements.

Desing has been serving the Chinese market over the years. We have grown into an expert in the production of cattle working systems. The livestock fence panels series is one of the main products of Desing. livestock equipment sale has new function of livestock handling equipment comparing with previous version. The specifications of the product can be customized based on needs. Our cattle equipment covers high technology of cattle working systems and cattle working systems. It is strong enough to withstand high and low temperatures.

We will replace the aging manufacturing equipment with newer and more energy-saving ones, aiming to promote more efficient production processes. For example, we have adopted water-saving equipment to help reasonably utilize water resource.
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