How to make cows faster to adapt to the milking machine

by:Desing      2020-04-02
- - - - - - 0 - 0 some people think that how to keep milk cows, faster adapt to the machine with automatic milking system had good breeding and management, future use milking machine to pay attention to the content of the above said. Of this idea is wrong is in use milking machine there are many ways we need to consider all, today is for everyone to explain how to make the cow faster to adapt to the milking machine. Milking equipment in theory, about 0 milking cows can enter and at the same time through the machine, to give a little feed cows as induction. If this job can be two to three times, the cow will become more relaxed. Experienced prove milking equipment, if the number of the induction process too much, when first contact cow milk cup, stress is relatively large. Minimize the stress caused by a strange environment cows is vital both trained cow milking machine automatically, or used to milk a cup, both must be patient and careful. Should pay attention to the process of training people will inevitably become tired even mild temper, and always will be a bad mood again transferred to cattle. Therefore, it is better to make a training plan, make milk cows gradually adapt to automation. If not before the first milk to make milk cows are familiar with, for example, new zap cows all bought from other places that you can't for the training. In this case, to remember the first day in the process of milking movements are gentle and slow. Such ability can let cows faster to adapt to the device, so as to improve its efficiency.
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