How to make the cow faster to adapt to the cow milking machine

by:Desing      2020-03-24
Cows time contact cow milking machine reaction is very big, if can't let it quickly adapt to, will not only affect the quality of the milk, but also not conducive to the health of dairy cows at the same time, how to make it faster to adapt to the milking equipment? 1, milking equipment in theory, about 30 milking cows can enter and at the same time through the machine, to give a little feed cows as induction. If this job can be two to three times, the cow will become more relaxed. Experienced prove milking equipment, if the number of the induction process too much, when the minotaur once contact milk cup, stress is relatively large. 2, try to reduce the stress caused by a strange environment cows is crucial, whether trained cow cow milking machine, or make it used to milk cup, both must be patient and careful. It should be noted that in the process of training people will inevitably become tired even temper, and always will be a bad mood to the cow. Therefore, we should make a training plan, allow the animal to gradually adapt to the cow milking machine. Want to remind everyone's attention, especially in the process of the milk before the movement wants gently and slowly, so as to help the cow easily adapt to the cow milking machine.
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