How to prevent dairy cow mastitis cow milking machine cause

by:Desing      2020-03-18
Working with the cow milking machine can greatly improve the work efficiency can also improve the cleanliness of milk, the equipment quality pass, in accordance with the production and use, is not the direct causes of dairy cow mastitis, so there are a lot of factors makes the cow was ill. So, in this case we will how to prevent? 1. Standardized operation before using the cow milking machine milking breast nipples must be clean and dry, and scrap before two milk, check inside into special tools; Second, correct fast on milk cup, to prevent contaminated milk cup fall off; Then, fall off to the automatic milking device, after finished milking should timely apply stimulate the secretion of milk claw to prevent suction. Take milk claw to turn off when the vacuum, put an end to forcibly remove restrictions; After each finished milking must use good nipples disinfectant for medicated bath nipples. 2. The processing of mastitis cows to active treatment clinical mastitis cows, less losses earlier treatment; The high somatic cattle recessive mastitis detection and treatment; We will do our best to help dry milk mastitis during the period of examination and treatment; Eliminate chronic mastitis cows. Have good milking equipment adequate vulnerable parts; Skilled machine maintenance; Responsibility strong squeeze milkman; The standardized operation; Strict management; All is to ensure that the powerful guarantee for decreasing the occurrence of dairy cow mastitis. 3. Milking system to ensure that the vacuum pump operation is normal, regular maintenance. Vacuum pressure and the beat frequency to conform to the requirements, the tests on a regular basis; Milk cup liner using control under 2500 first; Regularly check the milk cup lining and pulse tube, find aging or damaged change in time; Every time after milking the cleaning procedures strictly, and disinfection; Have the emergency power supply equipment, and other necessary spare parts. So, when we use the cow milking machine work should pay attention to health problems, timely clean the relevant objects. Of course, choose a good equipment and reasonable use, operation is proper is also a very important prevention measures.
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