How to properly increase the milking machine accessories life of filter bag

by:Desing      2020-03-21
Filter bag belongs to an important product in milking machine accessories, about the service life of the whole machine, so how to properly increase the life? Implementation can from the following three points: 1, the dust concentration of import bag deduster processing of gas, the dust concentration range, directly affect the resistance of filter bag and become old, yea, milking equipment filter bag filter attached to the appearance of the dust layer is thick, the greater the resistance, the greater the impact on the use of filter bag full of. On the other hand, in order to timely cleaning a thick layer of dust, must strengthen the soot cleaning of filter bag, and also is shorten soot cleaning cycle ( Effect of filter material of soot cleaning cycle is not coated filter material long) , increase the soot cleaning time, frequency and extension effect that must add filter bag is influenced by grinding, wreck and its use life spans. Dust concentration of appropriate fall in imports of extending milking machine accessories filter bag use all dust collector life spans and improve operation condition is good. 2 after glass fiber filter bag, liquid temperature wet, its strength will decline, this is because the base of the alkali glass fiber composition is dissolved by water, the formation of corrosion of glass fiber appearance, and make the film, and influence the milking machine accessories stature. So in addition to the constraint operation gas of high temperature, the use of glass fiber bag also pay special attention to control the humidity, avoid condensation, such as dry preheater glass fiber bag precipitator, because now is mixed operating mode, that is a lot of raw meal grinding into the exhaust, and humidity is added, such as can not control the humidity and air leakage and form water vapor condensation in the filter bag, also can affect life spans. 3, pulse soot cleaning air volume and pressure when choosing pulse ash removal, in addition to the selection of pressure is lower than the practices, cycle lengthened, soot cleaning air volume will conclude that is appropriate, too easy to fall in use full, too small soot cleaning incomplete also influence life spans. In the slag discharge pressure, gas cases, soot, when low pressure than online ash removal, and small gas consumption, save power consumption. As milking machine parts using the number with the passage of time, the filter bag of milking equipment use life will inevitably influence, so in view of the influence factors to make preventive measures.
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