How to replace the electronic scale sensor

by:Desing      2020-03-25
The use of the electronic scale is becoming more common now, whether at home, enterprises, factory cannot leave the electronic scale. Small make up today to talk about how to replace the electronic scale sensors, electronic loadometer belongs to the electronic products, and the sensor is the core component of electronic scales, electronic scale commonly scale body is no problem, but the electronic scale is sometimes damaged due to improper operation and cause sensor, under the condition of the sensor is damaged you can according to the following method to replace the electronic scale sensor. How to replace the electronic scale sensor: ( 1) Open the sensor ( The damaged) Top cover plate, with one thousand jins bumps up weighing platform, and then remove the sensor line. ( 2) Open the box, will damage the sensor cable and terminal block. At the sensor end pull cables. Note: in the suction line, attach a wire through the balance of body, so that when change the new sensor, cable through the scale body into the box. ( 3) With reference to the above the second method, the sensor cable through the scale body into the box. ( 4) According to the wiring diagram shows each conductor cable is fixed on the terminal block corresponds to terminal. ( 5) Loosen the jack first, flat weighing platform, and finally cover plate. ( 6) Shall be to replace sensor reset truck scale and correction. ( 7) After the sensor installation, the redundant cables should be placed into bundles, shall not be placed directly on the foundation ground. ( 8) In order to guarantee the consistency and interchangeability of the sensor, the sensor cable shall not be arbitrarily truncated or damage. ( 9) In the process of installation and removal, and may not appear scratches and knock against the phenomenon such as sensor, and to protect the cable. The following is the replacement of electronic scale sensor method, hope can help to you, if you have not understand place just instrument co. , LTD. Welcome to call Shanghai constant consultation, we will try our best to help you will definitely question. A: how to choose electronic scale ( Electronic scale) :http://www。 shengchucheng。 com/news/447/
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