How to solve the abnormal pulsation frequency of cow milking machine?

by:Desing      2020-02-29
The vibrator is the key component of the cow milking machine. Its function directly affects the use and operation stability of the whole equipment. In use, sometimes the pulsation frequency is not normal, which affects the milking work. What can be done to solve it? 1. All kinds of cow milking machines have clearly specified the pulsation frequency range of the puller in the instruction manual. Keeping the pulsation frequency within the specified range is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the milking machine. 2. Improper adjustment of the orifice is the main reason for the change of the frequency of the pulse. Excessive diameter of the orifice will lead to too fast pulse frequency; If the diameter is too small, the pulsating frequency will slow down. As long as the orifice screw is properly adjusted, the pulsating frequency can be adjusted within the required range; For the ventilation type puller, generally do not set the adjustment screw, the size of the orifice is fixed. 3. In use, impurities blocking the orifice is also one of the main reasons for the change of the pulsating frequency of the milking machine. If the pulsating frequency is found to be slow, the orifice should be dredged with special tools in time, however, when dredging the orifice, it is necessary to prevent the orifice from expanding, otherwise it will lead to faster pulsation frequency; The inlet water in the ventilation chamber will make the volume of the ventilation chamber smaller and the pulsation frequency faster. The accumulated water should be removed in time. 4. The change of working vacuum degree will also change the pulsation frequency of the vibrator. When the vacuum degree is reduced, the frequency of the gas-damping puller will slow down, but the frequency of the ventilation puller will be relatively fast. On the contrary, when the vacuum degree rises, the frequency of the puller will become faster, while the frequency of the ventilation type puller will be slower. Therefore, when adjusting the pulsation frequency of the cow milking machine, it must be carried out under normal working vacuum, otherwise the adjustment results will be biased; Puller with socket if the socket is not plugged in place, it will cause a small amount of air leakage and slow down the pulsation frequency. If the air leakage is serious, there will be no pulsation.
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