How to take good care of the horse often 'travel'?

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Is the so-called 'saying' claims, the horse is not exceptional also, especially horses often on a business trip. Change on the journey of stress, diet, if a bit not careful, give the horse a great damage. So in the mountains, with horses, please take good care of their diet. Always keep an eye on the road long-distance transportation, every 4 - 5 hours of rest, check the horse and the pedal may be opened the door, to absorb the fresh air. If luck horse needs eight hours on the way, may the horse long time stay in narrow space, in order to avoid constipation, before at night to feed some wheat bran porridge. Later, depending on the length of the journey, the situation of the horse, a strong level and will participate in the competition, raise appropriate diet. Adhere to the water supply of horse of activities can be at ease, even every day to drink 18 - 40 times of water, continue to 13 - at a time 26 seconds. When the horse is constrained in a small space, its water quantity will be bigger. So long journey, you should note 4 - Eight hours of water supply, in hot humid weather, the intake of horses will be more frequent. Remember at the same time, different taste of water, may lead to a horse water quantity increase. In order to prevent the happening of this kind of condition, can consider to carry water from home, or on water disposal after the event. Horse more love the taste of bitter, like apple flavor, can try apple juice, perhaps electrolytes, and see what your horse detail love. Horses from hay embarrassment to watch carefully at the early stage of the late transport, two head, eat hay type, please keep in mind that there are a lot of factors, including animal seed, and harvest maturity and storage conditions, will affect the digestive stability of hay. Horses on arrival, to check whether a barn qualify for horses, to maintain stable in dry. In addition, the quality of the different parts of the grass will also be different. Another could help slow down the grass to variations in the quality, is the way some of the fiber mixing in the horse's food. Such as alfalfa probably timothy grass ( Cattle grass) , so as to make the horse's food and local food source insists the differences. Ready to feed solution if you want to stay longer at the destination for a period of time, early contact with foreign food supplier, check whether they can provide the feed you asked for. In addition, if need to purchase the hay, also please before looking for the supplier, and question types available, cost, delivery options, quantity available, etc. , don't show no food. Abundant preparation before the road, up to prepare the 1 - 2 weeks of forage grass and hay, if you want to change a kind of new foods, hay and grain, you will spend 5 - 7 talent can be gradually introduced, because the horse is needs time to. Consult experts if you arrive at your destination after don't know what grain feed horses may hay, may have any questions about the planning of diet, can immediately to consult expert perhaps horses dietitian, random decisions must not himself.
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