How to understand a cow cangue business

by:Desing      2020-04-03
Cow cangue production management is a cow cangue operators in national each cow cangue policy under the guidance of production, in the face of resource, technology, market competition environment, according to a cow cangue operator's own conditions and possible, reasonable cow cangue production management direction and goal, productively organization cow cangue business production, supply and sales activities. Cow cangue production and operation in an industry, will develop from the sideline cow yoke to professional cow cangue, from scattered individual development to the factory a cow cow torment cangue, modest domestic professional cow cangue door of modernization is a cow cangue benefit. Various forms a cow cangue operators once reasonable cow cangue business direction and target, the production of good cattle neck cangue production should be addressed in the process of planning, organization, coordination and so on specific management work. Modern cow cangue production operation and management are both different and unified whole, solve the production direction, target oriented and supply, and operating activities such as a series of fundamental problems of developing the cow yoke, the management focus on the solution and development in the planning, organization, coordination and so on cow cangue series of specific problems in the process of the production practice. Today to do a good job in comprehensive modern cow cangue production without a certain level of management ability is not successful. How to clean up and install a cow cangue: bull neck yoke is mainly engaged in stainless steel material, although this special stainless steel material can keep for a long time will not be corrosion, also won't to oxidize, when clean up we also should pay attention to the following two aspects: 1, we should according to the working environment, and a cow cangue surface conditions to select the alkaline solution, chloride solvent sand blasting, shot peening etc way to clean. 2, we can not use acidic solvent cleaning surface of cow yoke. Only the correct cleaning the cow yoke can guarantee its safety performance in the use process, can prolong the service life of it. Electrode in use process to keep dry, but don't repeat drying, flake or you will crack. Also should pay attention to don't let the electrode stick skin oil and other dirty things, otherwise it will increase the carbon content of weld, in turn, affects the quality of weldment. A cow cangue carbide by precipitation by repeated heating welding to cow pillory, corrosion resistance and other mechanical properties reduced. Easy to crack. So, if the weld cannot be heat treatment after welding, be about to choose chromium nickel stainless steel electrode. During the installation process we should pay attention to: 1, check carefully before installing a cow cangue whether standard, size whether to conform to the requirements of the use, to minimize the defects caused by transport process. To remove a cow cangue stains on it. 2, set a cow yoke when installation according to the connection mode in piping. Can also be used on the pipeline at any position. 3, a cow cangue during installation to prevent leakage phenomenon. 4, a cow cangue valve bolts to uniform tight, can't skewed. 5, cow pillory, ball valve, cut-off valve, gate valve in use process, can only full open or full close. Repeat the construction method of welding a cow torment problems in collecting the ball by repeated welding neck yoke construction method, the existence question: one is to increase the Labour strength of workers; 2 it is repeated welding cow cangue method consumes the material is high, the number of large equipment, the cost is more high. For long distance pipeline pressure test to pass the ball after the scanning line, at the serve with repeated welding bovine carotid cangue method of high labor intensity big, consumables, need more large equipment, the problem of high cost, this paper proposes a new simple quick opening large blind flange plate construction method. The construction method of this article introduces the structure of the fast-opening blind, work steps and intensity. Through application on acerbity NingLan gas transmission pipeline engineering, prove fast-opening blind construction method than repeat welding neck yoke construction methods improve efficiency three times, not only reduce the labor intensity of workers, and reduce the cost. Carbon steel flanges need to do some preparation work before measurement, measurement, according to certain way and method to determine the different measurement methods, according to the specific situation to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.
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