If your fence how to clean the dirty?

by:Desing      2020-03-30
Guardrail can average wind load resistance design. Wind load resistance depends on the size of the column and the degree of rail installation, as well as the barrier model. Article gate sparse guardrail is able to resist wind load. According to the requirements of clear book device, guardrail can resist wind load properly. Enterprise goods specially authority determination of resistance to wind load racetrack fence to be certified. Most of PVC guardrail soft music when frost function is reduced, but unless the abnormal blow, PVC won't fracture, crack in the cold. The design of the product to changes in the weather around the south and north China. Southwest and south China using the formula will be different. The essence of the design, have considered heat bilges cold shrink. As with other outdoor products, PVC guardrail will become dirty; But water and detergent + detergent is enough to make it clean like new. Also can use a soft brush or alkaline cleaning. Prevent scrape or rub PVC guardrail appearance with good thing
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