In dealing with the security and self protection

by:Desing      2020-03-27
In dealing with the security and self protection often come in getting along with the horse, a horse, bolt horses, brush, heal and transportation will appear when the accident risk. People in the air, four common injuries encountered: kicked, were crushed, bite, or was hit. Can be told you need to learn to anticipate these hazards, away from the area of risk, to make something go your place, and use their words, and to maintain the purpose of self. The typical western horses, general from 1000 to 1400 pounds, horses and ponies short weight is 600 pounds. Basic is hard to make such a weight. So, it is suggested that abide by the following safety directions. 1, don't be too close to the horse racecourse fence behind. Every horse is frightened, when he would rush out or jump up, you can quickly escape? Also is able to make for the horse suddenly move insist on alert. For example: flying flies can make fidgety and head suddenly, happened to smash you. 2, when you move around the horse, let feet 'bosses' eyes. Two feet up to going to the horse hooves insisted that the interval of 12 inches. Brush on the horse and saddle, stick to lean forward. Learn to face the horse not stand next to the horse. 3, to wear boots, or protective shoes. Thick rubber, vinyl resin, or leather boots trample on you being playing time can give a little buffer. Following the Murphy horses: which day do you forget to put the tennis shoes for riding boots, which day will put his horse hooves on your toes. 4, often reflect on your harness. Wear a belt or rope in by more than 1000 pounds of horses pull under the condition of an easy to break. Traction and bridle REINS on the middle of the metal parts is especially thin. Good brand goods will use good quality metal, absolutely not easy to break. 5, when a horse don't continue to pressure, and should be used to pull and right way. Imagine the REINS as a rubber band. Ma will be in accordance with the nature to fight to continue to pressure, you can't use uniform he inconvenient way. If the horse head, mouth or shoulder pushes you, immediately pushed the horse back and let him quiet, or with severe sound said to him, 'go back! ”。 6, when you are in horse, let your horses learn to respect your personal space. If in a horse horse to squeeze you in, or in bolt horse horse don't quiet standing, in Ma Sizhou threaten to you and the others. Then you need to watch the horse a palm and rebuke 'stop! 'Or' stop! ', to correct his mobile. 7, pay attention to each of the rope and tape. Come over very Thomas had fingers by fingers intertwined in the rope in. Never to put a rope in hand or finger. Horse when being the rope round will be very panic. In stable or trailers to prepare a sharp knife, can cut the rope, so that in emergency situations bound panic struggles of the horse. ( Pay attention to avoid, when the horse feel rushed to flee when they are let go. ) The status of the eight, play is the most risk. Every horse has the ability to play, the horseshoe enough strength to kill you! Avoid the hoof is the most complicated way don't to stand within can be kicked. Centered on the horse's hip and leg imagine a semicircle, when you have to enter this area, try to close to the horse before the bust local. In this way, even if the horse kick you, you were just push rather than full of collision. You can inform the horse after prompt you are there. Suitable caresses horsetail, or hands, shoulders, legs, and a horse to the body contact. Some horses and hind legs will kick forward or laterally. Strange, imagine a semicircle region can be played. Stay inside the area, unless you need to disposal the horse's hips, legs or abdomen. The arbitrary to enter this area, pay attention to the body contact, and focus on the horse's leg. Don't underestimate the scope of this area. When you bend to move the horse front legs, short ShenYao horse or pony can play to your forward. When you clean the front legs, with one eye focus ipsilateral hind legs. Horses can be due to leg kick your belly before fly kick you in the head. When you bend over or disposal of crouching horse leg or horseshoe, strange an eye to focus on the horse. Whenever you must immediately correct horse play behavior. It is a kind of attack, so never be allowed. Something you never take his blackmail. Of course, if you are not him for the purpose of it doesn't matter. But remember, no matter the horse is playing or play something else, you will be able to kick you to death! Even the horse lying on horseshoe will form a risk for you. When the horse in a roll or fall when kicking away from as far as possible. If the horse stumbled in tent stables or enclosure, want carefully to help the horse horse leg, if the horse were stimulated and disorderly deng and are able to hurt to you. 9, when you care of horses, focus on his performance. Some of the horse's legs and belly is tickling, some ears are tickling. They would use dodge kick, bite, or tell you. At the disposal of these parts have to be gentle, make the horse getting used to this kind of contact. To timely when the horse against discipline, strict to correct bite and kick, and pay close attention to this threatening behavior could be repeated. 10, when you contact with horses nose or feed delicious, handles extend deuce, four fingers together, just in case suddenly be teeth clamp. Most will bite with evil intention, a horse is bite a play. Even so, the fangs of the horse can still bite fingers, so clip bite once appear, should immediately correct this incorrect behavior.
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