In front of the milking machine should be what to the milking machine

by:Desing      2020-04-10
- - - - - - 0 - What should the milking machine before milking machine to choose appropriate milking machine. Should be according to zap range and way of feeding, choose appropriate milking equipment. The milking equipment in front of the milking ready for what? May not be very clear about newcomer, next we introduce you to everyone, hope will some help to you. 。 Turn breast pump and control valve of cooling tank. 。 Closed milk hall measurement taking milk bottle switch, wash switch ( Include at the end of the switch) , open bottles of vacuum switch. 。 Closed measuring bottle below sampling valve. 。 Closed set milk, below half ball valve. 。 Check vacuum pump. Oil ring pump can check the oil cup of oil, engine oil can be clean, vacuum pump oil tubing can have activities since the start; Water ring pump, the circulation tank water level can be used, vacuum pump voice can work properly. 。 Opened the milking the main valve, close the main valve cleaning. Above is about the milking equipment in front of the milking should do, is to use milking machine stop work can be greatly improved the work efficiency will also be able to progress the clean level of milk, but it should also pay attention to when using the milking machine, as long as strict in accordance with the standard request to stop operating abilities to reach us the purpose of using the milking machine.
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