In the can control your mood, must be in life and work can stay focused

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Both daily life and practice riding, the most important thing is self-control. If can't control yourself, more objective, more it is also useless. Focus on time to track many times with this situation, if let you concentrate on horseback riding and a half hours, you can easily can do it, but if let you ride for two hours, you may be dreaming, can feel very pain. If you can focus your attention within half an hour finish very good training, the training time for half an hour, again after a few days for forty minutes. This step-by-step, you will find that you focus on the training time is longer, the potential of people is limited, so don't do bad things, sometimes may be the wrong way. Control my mood state of mind a good fence equestrian track shipment urge on a horse with my complete competition, not only to do their own regulations and standards of technical action, more important is to control my mood and mentality, to time sticking to focus, calm and optimistic. If the rider worry, his horse would stress; If the rider patience, his horse would be blunt. The rider a bad state of mind, often quickly transmitted to the horse, the situation on the morphology of the horses will be affected, appear even grumpy, uncontrolled situation. Cultivating positive automatic willpower don't willpower and self-denial mixing, when it is used in positive purpose of equestrian, will become a great strength. Automatic willpower can let you control training inert, let you to focus your attention on the future. When met with resistance, imagine yourself happy after control it; An active part in finish my purpose theory in detail, you can stick it out. One can control my mood and control in equestrian horse person sat down, confidence in the normal life and work must can do it 'restraint', adhere to the focus, great control my mood stable.
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